Project Touring

Bow & Hammer offers three distinct presentations that are ready to travel.
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Bow & Hammer in Concert

Immerse yourself in sound. Bow & Hammer in Concert features the duo in a live performance of music for violin and piano. They’ll take you through multiple time periods and stories with their music and narratives. Though they have a sweet tooth for compositions from the early 20th century (1917 to be exact), they use both modern and traditional repertoire to craft well-balanced programs that connoisseurs and newcomers alike can enjoy.


Unconventional and uniquely social, Élevé is Bow & Hammer’s series to elevate creative artistic collaborations. To date, Élevé productions have included: graphic novel illustrations colored by Prokofiev, Szymanowski’s setting of Greek myths revived by urban prose, and a Pakistani art installation integrated with the folk traditions of Bartók, all challenging the conventional limitations of how our respective art forms compliment each other. Described as a show from “another world—one of story and magic”, Élevé shifts the paradigm of the concert experience.

the Coursed Concert

The Coursed Concert is a multi-coursed event intertwining culinary and musical performance. Bow & Hammer travels to collaborate with a culinary artist in their respective city or region. The evening flows like a multi-course dinner, pairing a musical selection with each course. Featuring food and music equally, both mediums are allotted sufficient time to be savored. Together in coordination with their presented courses, Bow & Hammer and the guest chef provide a verbal narrative that shares inspiration and personal experience through taste and sound.