Every time I have the privilege to come to one of your shows, I can’t help but be pulled into another world- one of magic and story. You make me literally visualize these beautiful stories through sound. Please keep doing this amazing work!
— Charlie H.


Unconventional and uniquely social, Élevé is Bow & Hammer’s series to elevate creative artistic collaborations. To date, Élevé productions have included: graphic novel illustrations colored by Prokofiev, Szymanowski’s setting of Greek myths revived by urban prose, and a Pakistani art installation integrated with the folk traditions of Bartók, all challenging the conventional limitations of how our respective art forms compliment each other. Described as a show from “another world—one of story and magic”, Élevé shifts the paradigm of the concert experience.

Whether you present a traditional concert series or if you thrive on experimental productions, Élevé bridges the gap between both worlds offering programs that engage with multiple sets of audiences. Bow & Hammer is offering two (2) programs that are ready to take on the road. Listed below are Heroic and Spoken Myths. Explore them both. Fill the form out below and let’s get collaborating.

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