the Coursed Concert

The Coursed Concert is a multi-coursed event intertwining culinary and musical performance. Bow & Hammer travels to collaborate with a culinary artist in their respective city or region. The evening flows like a multi-course dinner, pairing a musical selection with each course. Featuring food and music equally, both mediums are allotted sufficient time to be savored. Together in coordination with their presented courses, Bow & Hammer and the guest chef provide a verbal narrative that shares inspiration and personal experience through taste and sound.

The Coursed Concert brings innovation, creativity, and artistry right to the fine-dining table. This tangible collaboration provides each guest with an opportunity to engage with all five senses. The Coursed Concert works best as a private event or as a pre-sale ticketed event. Add the Coursed Concert to your events and offer your patrons a truly captivating experience that brings together life’s greatest pleasures.

It was a pleasure to work with Kathryn and Elizabeth on our collaborative music and food event held at Banff Centre on February 26th 2017. This event provided my team and I with an opportunity to create dishes in a very unique setting. I would welcome the chance to do this again either here in Banff or elsewhere! Looking forward to see what the future holds.
— Executive Chef Sebastien Tessier, Three Ravens Restaurant

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