November Notes: Élevé, GivingTuesday, and Chamber Sundays

Happy November!


Take note, there’s a lot happening this month.

Up first, Élevé!

See the full program, details and more at

See the full program, details and more at

Multi-media artist (and amazing comic illustrator!) Sean Archer joins forces with Bow & Hammer for an action-packed performance of Beethoven and Prokofiev. Inspired by Archer’s initial superhero drawings of Bow & Hammer, this collaboration will culminate with illustrated scenes and live digital painting.

Élevé is November 7th

Doors 7:30p / Show 8:00p

Tickets, program, and more at

Tickets, program, and more at

Chamber Sundays

New in the 2018-2019 season is Chamber Sundays, a monthly chamber music offering at the Promontory in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. A venue generally known for jazz, R&B, and DJ’s, the Promontory will now extend its offerings to chamber music! Happening on the second Sunday of each month, B&H will present a 60-minute interactive classical music concert each month, boosting the normalcy and popularity of classical music programs amongst other musical genres in this mainstream venue.

Chamber Sundays is November 11th.

Doors 1p / Show 2p

(Go in for early for brunch get the discount code!)

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GivingThanks for #GivingTuesday

November 27th is #GivingTuesday. All month we’ll be raising funds for Élevé, IndustryNight, and our general operating budget (i.e. marketing, travel costs, etc) during our annual fundraiser: GivingThanks. All donations are tax-deductible as well as enormously appreciated by us. If you’d like to support us this November, you can donate online, by mail, or by making a monthly pledge on Patreon.

Be on the look out for our GivingThanks email and posts on social media for more info, gift packages, and more!

Visit to make your contribution. Thank you for your support!

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Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at a performance very soon!