Thank you for a fantastic season!


Check out some of the highlights:

Élevé: featuring visual artist, Yasmin Ali

Elizabeth with Rob, owner/founder of Dearborn Denim

IndustryNight with Dearborn Denim

West-side collaboration ad featuring Metric Coffee, Rhine Hall Distillery, Dearborn Denim, and B&H. Photos by Richard Shilkus.

Kit sampling some delicious "La Normande" by Rhine Hall Distillery.

Holidayz at Dearborn Denim. Also featuring Rhine Hall Distillery and Metric Coffee.

Bow & Hammer Deconstructed. The 1st of a 3-concert residency at the Promontory.

Bow VS. Hammer, ya dig?!

Elizabeth & Kit shenanigans at IndustryNight with Cafe-Marie-Jeanne.

Michael Simmons, chef/owner of Cafe-Marie-Jeanne serving up some brisket.

Bow & Hammer Deconstructed. The 2nd of our 3-concert residency at the Promontory. This time, featuring Harold Green.

Harold Green, spoken word artist. Performing with us at the Promontory.

Èlevé: featuring cellist Andrew Briggs

The Chicago Premiere of Matthew Browne's "Conversation Piece for Violin and Cello"

Bow & Hammer Deconstructed. The finale of our 3-concert residency at the Promontory.

IndustryNight with Spilt Milk Tavern

Performing all of the 'Popular Vote' winners from the 2017-2018 IndustryNight season.

Kit with Anthony Selna, co-owner/partner of Spilt Milk Tavern

Élevé: featuring the Chicago Premiere of Matthew Aucoin's new violin and piano sonata, "Its Own Accord."

That's a wrap! See you next season.

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We completed our 2nd season of Élevé, our 4th season of IndustryNight, started a new series at the Promontory, and collaborated with over 10 new artists and businesses. We added our own coffee blend and diner mug to our merch list, and have several new items on the dock. We were featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, ScapiMag Podcast, and coming up, the Chamber Music Magazine. We had our first successful fundraiser on GivingTuesday in November, and we more than doubled our Patreon community.

All in all, it's been a good year, and we couldn't have done it without your support. Patreon and donations are vital to our projects and operation. If you'd like to learn more or join our community, click on the links above or feel free to send us a note.

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Bow & Hammer Blend $15


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