Finally, February!

This IndustryNight we are so excited to welcome Cafe-Marie-Jeanne to our very first battle of the bands! That's right, this IndustryNight will feature a solid match of Bow VS Hammer. Don't miss the drama and your chance to vote! Tickets online or at the door, $10.



Feb 11th

This is the 2nd of our 3 concert-residency at the Promontory. Doors will be opening at 2:00pm, so go early for brunch or plan to stay after for dinner. It’ll be a great day in Hyde Park.

We’re so excited to welcome one of our favorite collaborators: spoken word artist, Harold Green!

Grieg: Sonata No 3 /  Bow & Hammer
Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel / Bow & Hammer

Spoken word / Harold Green

Szymanowski: Mythes with original prose by Harold Green / B&H + Harold Green

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Deconstructing Weather and Hot Dogs

Read our latest blog. Easy reading for wintery weather plus a bonus into Chicago-style-everything- aka...lotsa mustard!

Hope to see you soon! Thanks for staying in touch.