You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.
— Georgia O'Keeffe

We curate projects, events, and concerts that operate from a consistent model of addressing communication, incentive, and locale. We collaborate not only in the artistic content of the event, but in every single detail of the production. A live event is an opportunity to relate and experience humanity in a heightened and an unprecedented way. This connection to each other through art has impenetrable outcomes that are difficult to quantify, making fighting for its presence a nuanced and often personal plight. We collaborate with local businesses and artists creating access points that stimulate the interests of the surrounding community. We attend to detail from the compensation of the staff to the ambiance of the room separating us from other similar solutions. Our response to locale and audience engages new and seasoned voices in a deeper way.

Your support goes beyond the performance. It collaborates.
Thank you.
-B&H (Kit & Elizabeth)

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Collab-ing at its best. We’re sending our complete merch package along with a 20% discount. <3




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