How do we get tickets to your next show?

Easy! Tickets are available online through our website. For most shows you can also purchase tickets at the door. All transactions are card-friendly, so save your cash for the popular vote at IndustryNight. All ticket information is listed for each event. Most free events do not require a ticket.

How can we learn more about your upcoming shows?

Several options! 1. you can subscribe to our mailing list. 2. follow us on facebook , twitter, or instagram. 3. all of our upcoming events (and past events) are on the website. just check back here and mark your calendars.

What's your favorite restaurant?

That's a tough one. We are loyal patrons of many restaurants in Chicago. You can check them out on our collaborators page!

Love the name! but...I don't get it?

Bow & Hammer: the tools used to create sound for the violin and piano (respectively). The bow is to the violin as the hammers are to the piano (look inside).