Banal & Humdrum (a gritty glance at B&H)

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop poshly writing in my journal supposed to be talking about “Bow & Hammer Behind the Scenes”.


Had to grab my coffee which is actually tea, since coffee sadly makes me sick more often than not.

k spotify list.jpeg

The music choice here is pretty good, which is great because if I open Spotify I know I’ll get lost in the multiple recordings of Debussy or Brahms I have yet to compare and contrast (we’re onto leg two of this season’s rep.)

My phone is shockingly quiet at the moment, probably since E is working all day at the university; we tried to have a meeting Monday, but I had to replace the brakes and rotors in our company car--AKA my Subaru, Dino.

We talked some during her commute home the other day, debriefing our last show, our next plans of action, new deadlines, etc. This week we’re taking rehearsal time to do some personal prep for Brahms and Debussy. Yesterday I spent three hours on the first page of Debussy alone.

Since I’m in the coffee shop, give me a second.

I keep forgetting to order more coffee for our merchandise stock. I like to keep stock in small amounts for freshness, but mainly it means I need to keep up with re-orders. Amidst the shows and the contracts, it can get pretty easy to be behind. The mugs and t-shirts obviously hang out once I order the bulk amount, but nobody likes old coffee.

I haven’t been out to a coffee shop to write in a while, I’m trying to save some pennies while we try to implement our new budget -- hopefully to get us compensated for our performances at least. Maybe even one day for our curating and administrative time. Anyway, when I do go out, I try to keep supporting businesses that support us too, makes the spending feel purposeful, eases my buyer’s remorse.


Since my apartment acts as my home, studio, and office, I have to get out sometimes. I live by sticky notes and to-do lists -- there’s on that lives at my desk that reminds me of my “opening task list”, as if I were working retail or something:


  1. Balance Xero

  2. Check Reports/Accounts

  3. Check Inventory/Orders

  4. Emails

  5. To-Do Projects

  6. R&D

  7. Press Packages

  8. Follow-up Emails

  9. Costing New Projects

  10. Event Prep

  11. Contracts and Payouts

  12. E’s Task List (Of course she has her own set of lists, but this is one for things she needs from me ASAP)

Practice List

  1. Scales/Double Stops

  2. Etudes/Technique Projects

  3. Brahms

  4. Debussy

  5. Short Works (for Current Rep Cycle)

  6. New Works (for Future Rep Cycle)

  7. Experiments

Other work

  1. Studying Music

  2. Exploring Music

  3. Researching

It’s a nice idea.

This blog is obviously part of my Tasks: To-Do Projects, but it is making me chuckle since it’s reminding me of all the other things I need to do. That’s actually why I wrote my first draft of this blog in a notebook instead of on my computer. Keeps me focused on the blog post.

Hang on, text from E.

Might be business related (her texts are specially flagged so I know it’s her).


Ok. It was regarding a couple of upcoming events. We always have immediate to-do lists and long-term to-do lists. She’s really good at keeping the ball rolling on stuff, so her messages often involve something progress related. I’m attached to organizing and systemization, so we work it all together into a pretty good machine. It keeps us both on our toes.

At any rate, I’m not sure that provides clarity or more confusion on Bow & Hammer behind the scenes. But since my Lyft Driver account is on hold (pending document updates), I should probably make use of my planned time by scuttling home to practice before my students come by for their lessons.

Click for more info on   GivingThanks,   ends on #GivingTuesday!

Click for more info on GivingThanks, ends on #GivingTuesday!

Bow & Hammer just finished our #100daysofpractice campaign, but E launched our GivingThanks campaign, so...I better keep up my practicing so ya’ll can be thankful for something.