2018-2019, here we come!


Each summer seems to fly by faster and faster, and this summer was no different. Even though Bow & Hammer’s event calendar takes a breather, it is by no means a pause for our planning. So much debriefing, problem solving and plan making happens in the sunny months, and now, here we are ready to share it with you!

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First and foremost, the music. What are we playing this year? Gear up for a bunch o’ Brahms, ring o’ Ravel, and mess o’ Mozart. All right, enough o’ the o’s. But also, keep your eyes peeled for Beethoven, Bartok, Debussy and Prokofiev. Got it? *paws tingling* Here are some of the ways you’ll get to hear it all.



IndustryNight (year FIVE) will light our torch on October 9, and we’re really thrilled to be featuring Cellar Door Provisions in this familial affair (insert *heart emoji*). True to form, IndustryNight is staying on Tuesdays, ready for your vibes and votes.



Élevé still lives at Ovation Chicago with our cohorts from Rhine Hall, and is turning over its pop-up leaves for year three, so each date will be a surprise! The first will be Wednesday, November 7, and we’ll be welcoming multimedia artist Sean Archer (remember the guy who made us into Kick-A$$ cartoon heroes?) to create a visual realization of Prokofiev Sonata No 2. LIVE.


Welcoming a NEW SERIES to our Bow & Ham fam, we’re kicking off Chamber Sundays at The Promontory, following a successful pilot mini-series in the spring. Beginning October 14, you’ll find us there every Second Sunday for a 60-min daytime program. We love to go early, brunch it up, and then play a show...and maybe top off with a celebratory cocktail.

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So, that’s us in a nutshell for the next couple months! We can’t wait to see you.