at B&H Studios

The vibe is important to us. And sometimes that means, the best venue is right at home in our rehearsal space. Located in Chicago, we offer 2 very different concert series: IndustryNight and the House Coursed Concert. Joining the email list is super important for these shows. Learn more below.



IndustryNight merges a performance series with a behind the scenes glance into the classical music world. We open the doors to our rehearsal space to share the first hand experience of how personal and diverse chamber music is. Meet our community and see our process; all seats are VIP in our house.

the House Coursed Concert

The House Coursed Concert is a multi-coursed event intertwining culinary and musical performance. Bow & Hammer and a Chicago chef collaborate right at home at Bow & Hammer Studios. The evening flows like a multi-course dinner, pairing a musical selection with each course. Featuring food and music equally, both mediums are allotted sufficient time to be savored. Together in coordination with their presented courses, Bow & Hammer and the guest chef provide a verbal narrative that shares inspiration and personal experience through taste and sound.